Discover the captivating world of goats on trees in Morocco, where these remarkable animals scale argan trees. Learn about the region’s features, climate, the purpose behind the goats’ tree-climbing behavior, the role of tourism, and the best way to witness this extraordinary spectacle.


Step into the fascinating world of goats on trees in Morocco, a mesmerizing sight that has captivated travelers from across the globe. This article delves into the unique features of the region, the climatic conditions, the intriguing reasons why goats climb argan trees, the protective measures for argan trees, the specific breed of goats involved, the role of tourism, and the ideal way to witness this enchanting phenomenon.

1. Features and Climate:

Discover the captivating southwestern regions of Morocco, where a harmonious blend of coastal plains, rolling hills, and the Atlas Mountains foothills sets the stage for the goats on trees spectacle. Explore the diverse flora of the arid and semi-arid landscapes, brimming with resilient vegetation perfectly adapted to the region’s hot summers and mild winters.

Why Do Goats Climb Argan Trees?

Unravel the mystery behind the goats’ remarkable tree-climbing behavior. Uniquely attracted to the argan trees’ sweet and nutritious pulp, the goats adroitly ascend the thorny branches to feast upon the leaves and fruits. Witness their agile maneuvering and invaluable contribution to argan nut dislodgment, which benefits local farmers.

Argan Tree Protection:

Delve into the significance of protecting argan trees, which play a pivotal role in the local ecosystem and hold cultural importance in Morocco. Learn about the commendable efforts undertaken by communities, government agencies, and environmental organizations to preserve these vital trees. Discover sustainable harvesting practices and the establishment of protected areas. Also you may be interested about: Argan oil Morocco

The Kind of Goats that Climb Trees in Morocco:

Meet the extraordinary Moroccan or Tamri goats, perfectly adapted to the arid environment and blessed with the agility to scale tree branches effortlessly. Their specialized hooves provide them with a firm grip, allowing them to navigate the argan tree’s branches with astonishing dexterity.

The Role of Tourism:

Explore the symbiotic relationship between goats on trees and tourism. Understand how this natural phenomenon has become a captivating attraction for visitors, contributing to the local economy. Discover how guided tours, souvenir sales, and hospitality services associated with this unique spectacle have provided economic opportunities for the communities.

The Best Way to See the Goats:

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to witness the enchanting goats on trees in Morocco. Plan a visit to the southwestern regions, particularly around Essaouira and Agadir. We are operators tour offering specialized excursions that grant you an up-close experience of this captivating sight. Immerse yourself in the cultural and ecological significance of argan trees.

Down below are the main starting points of all Morocco tours:

Once you have arrived Morocco go south of Marrakech to the Souss-Massa-Draa area, or contact us to customize your itinerary.


As you venture into the mesmerizing world of goats on trees in Morocco, embrace the marvels of nature and the symbiotic relationship between animals, trees, and humans. Discover the features and climate of the region, understand the motivations behind the goats’ tree-climbing behavior, learn about argan tree protection, encounter the remarkable Moroccan goats, and appreciate the role of tourism.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary spectacle by choosing the best way to witness the goats on trees in Morocco, creating memories that will last a lifetime.